EOI to join the Lenalea Community Benefit fund Committee

Lenalea is a 7 turbine 30.1 MW consented windfarm located outside Stranorlar, County Donegal.

As per best practice we will be establishing a Fund Committee which will be the decision-making body of the Fund. The committee will be made up of voluntary community representatives and will have the ultimate responsibility for the fund strategy delivery.

The Fund Committee will consist of a number of volunteer community representatives, the project Developer and the Administrator. While Fund Committee sizes may vary, it is envisaged that a Fund Committee would not be smaller than 5 persons, including the Developer and Administrator, nor bigger than 14. All involved must work together to ensure the best outcomes for the community.

      Considering your area what do you think are

      Considering your area what are the most pressing issues or problems facing your community under:

      You do not have to complete the following details, but if you do , it means we can keep you informed about future events and progress of the Lenalea Community Benefit Fund.