Needs Assessment

As part of Lenalea Wind Farm a community benefit fund will be established which will provide funding towards meaningful projects in the locality of the wind farm. In order to understand how besrt to use this funding, we would welcome the community to complete this needs assessment so we can understand they key streghts, wasknesses and opportunities in the area.


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Consider all members of the community; children, young adults, families and senior citizens and the various themes; outdoor recreation, tourism, heritage, culture, community & recreational facilities, infrastructure, renewable energy, access to services, transport, housing, jobs, community health and safety when answering the following questions.

    Considering your area what do you think are

    Considering your area what are the most pressing issues or problems facing your community under:

    You do not have to complete the following details, but if you do , it means we can keep you informed about future events and progress of the Lenalea Community Benefit Fund.